Sciatica Surgery as a Last Resort

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The chances of you needing surgery for the sciatica you had while you were pregnant is low. In fact, it is rare for anyone with sciatica–no matter the cause–to need sciatica surgery, as it is a last resort. Usually the result of an underlying medical condition if it lingered after birth, the symptoms of sciatica will decrease in intensity and duration once the health issue is identified and treated.

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Bed Rest for Sciatica – Don’t Let Your Doctor Prescribe it!

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For a lot of people, the natural response to pain is to stop moving. But is it true? If you don’t move, it can’t hurt? Not when it comes to sciatic pain during pregnancy. The magical advice, “Stay still!” as a fix-all does not apply when you are trying to relieve the symptoms of sciatica–in fact it is lying still and remaining stationary that aggravates sciatic nerve pain. Bed rest for sciatica is not a great idea!

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What to Expect: Seeing A Chiropractor for Sciatica During Pregnancy

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Considering seeing a chiropractor for sciatica during pregnancy?. Chiropractic treatment is built on the belief that the bones, with specific emphasis on the spine, are the central problems in many diseases and medical conditions, hindering nerve function and consequently causing pain. Fixing the spine by realigning it (i.e. bringing it back to its normal, healthy state and place in the body) will therefore lead to greater overall well-being. In the complicated mess of organs, tissues and muscles we call a body, the spine, according to chiropractors, is the key to all of it.

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Prenatal Massage for Sciatica to the Rescue!

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Now you have an even better reason to pamper yourself during your  pregnancy and splurge on a massage: its health effects on the musculoskeletal system. Pregnancy may be one of the best times to get that massage you always wanted, as a kneaded lower back does wonders for your muscle and joint tension, consequently helping reduce symptoms of sciatica. So, stop making excuses and schedule an appointment for a prenatal massage for sciatica today!

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Acupuncture for Sciatica during Pregnancy – Alternative Treatments

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Would you consider having needles stuck in your skin if it came with the promise of sciatica pain relief? More and more individuals who do not see results in tradition methods of sciatica treatment, like medicine or hot and cold therapy, veer off the Western path and experiment with other cultures’ ancient medicinal practices. In their search for a sciatica-free pregnancy, some have stumbled upon one of the oldest healing procedures in the world: acupuncture. Acupuncture for sciatica during pregnancy may be a valuable part of a holistic treatment  approach.

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Sciatica During Pregnancy – Cold and Hot Treatments

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Try applying hot and cold treatments to the lower back, alternating between the two, to ease your sciatica during pregnancy. Using temperature changes to control your sciatic symptoms–as opposed to more risky, invasive and expensive methods such as medication–has two major lures: its cheapness and portability. Such a simple solution may seems too good to be true, but many people get a break from their sciatica pain by capitalzing this approach to pain relief.

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Sciatica Medications: Acetaminophen and NSAIDS

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A swig of water can make the pill go down and banish your sciatic pain. But is it that easy? Can you pop a magic pill in your mouth to solve your sciatica pregnancy woes–and do you really want to? Although there is over-the-counter and prescription medicine available to sciatica sufferers, there is a lot to consider when contemplating taking medications, especially because you are pregnancy. Introducing drugs to the body not only exposed you but also the baby to whatever is inside. Before you rush to the store to buy a package of acetaminophens or NSAIDs, both good sciatica medications, consult a doctor to help you decide if it is best method of sciatica relief for you.

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Finding a Pregnancy Sciatica Cure

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When it comes to finding a pregnancy sciatica cure, “cure” is a loaded word. Don’t forget that sciatica is a set of symptoms triggered by an underlying condition–pregnancy, in this case. Because pregnancy is not a health problem to be solved, the medical treatments and alternate therapies available for sciatic nerve pain aim to minimize your discomfort from sciatica, not cure it. Luckily, sciatica caused by your pregnancy usually goes away after the baby arrives, so you will not suffer long; with the cause (i.e. the growing baby ) removed, so is the pressure on your sciatic nerve. Hello, baby! Good-bye, sciatica!

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Straighten Up! Paying Attention to Your Posture helps with Sciatica Pain

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We have all been scolded with some variation of “Sit up straighter!” when we were younger. Although your mother’s quips about your poor posture may have been a nuisance then, listening to them would have paid off. With a long list of health benefits–defending against depression and lowering your risk for a whole host of medical conditions, including migraines, heartburn, anxiety,  respiratory conditions, weight gain and even sciatica pain during pregnancy–establishing a good posture at an early age would have done a lot of good. But the majority of people struggle to pay attention to their posture, walking around with slouched shoulders and sitting with their backs arched–until they begin to notice the lower back aches, that is.

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Sciatica and High Heels: Change Your Shoes to Lessen your Sciatica Pain

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Hello down there! Your feet may feel far away from the sciatic nerve, the source of your lower back, rear, and leg pain, but any stress or pressure your shoes put on them can affect the upper half of your body. Pick your shoes wisely then, expectant mothers. High heels can contribute to your sciatica symptoms, as the unnatural arch they create in the foot can cost you something very valuable: your musculoskeletal health. Being kind  to your feet during you pregnancy months is therefore important. While giving up your heels for 9 months may feel like a wardrobe loss, you should also consider the health gain: relief from sciatica. Sciatica and high heels just don’t mix!

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