How Common is Sciatica During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a time of changes. You are moving your office desk to make space in the baby’s room. Hormones in your body are increasing to prepare you for labor. The support your back normally receives is lessening as ligaments loosen and joints shift. Your center of gravity is shifting forward as your belly grows. You are adding additional weight. You are building a crib and planning a baby shower. Because of all of these bodily and lifestyle changes, many women will experience back pain while pregnant–especially sciatica. So how common is sciatica during pregnancy?

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Relax your Pregnancy Nerves: The Pregnancy Hormone, Relaxin, Causes Sciatica Pain

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You may have a lot of questions about pregnancy: What causes morning sickness? ¬†Why do your breasts increase in size? Are you supposed to feel more emotional? Why do you have to make frequent trips to the bathroom? It can be a scary 9 months if you do not know what happens to your body when you are pregnant–especially when these changes could lead to medical conditions that involve sciatica pain. So here’s another you should ask: what does the relaxin and sciatica have in common? Answer: they are both associated with pregnancy.

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