Baby on the Move! A Reason for Third Trimester Sciatic Pain

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You’ve heard all about it (and been dreading it): sciatica during pregnancy. But you are 2/3 of the way through your pregnancy, and you have yet to experience that pain in the lower back, pelvic region and leg that you were warned about! Was all the hype just a great big lie? If you are one of the lucky ones who has made it through the first and second trimesters of your pregnancy sciatica-free, don’t think you got away with it just yet! The third trimester is coming–and so could be the sciatica.

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Tracking Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy: A Trimester Timeline

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Pregnancy brings many joys: the glowing skin, the beautiful body, the happiness of knowing there is life growing inside you. But you already know all that. You’ve read the books, talked to mothers of twins and quadruplets, or experienced it all before yourself–and they’ve all told you about the benefits of motherhood, beginning with the perks of ¬†pregnancy. What you want to hear about is all the glitches and bumps you will encounter as you travel down the path of pregnancy–especially when you are more likely to experience sciatic pain during pregnancy! Well, get your ears ready, because you are about to hear all about them. Here are all the pains of pregnancy–from morning sickness in the early stages to third trimester sciatic pain.

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Do Not Eat Your Sciatica Pain Away!

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Step away from the cookie. Don’t ask your husband to go to the supermarket and pick up those pickles. Say no to the greasy hamburger at 2am. Have pregnancy cravings hit you yet? Whether or not odd food cravings during pregnancy are a myth, keep in mind that having another person growing inside you is not a free pass to eat whatever you want. When faced with a buffet of food, don’t go pulling out the pregnancy card! Although it is normal to throw on some weight during your pregnancy (you do have another mouth to feed, for goodness sake!), you should be being more careful about what you put in your mouth (and how much of it) when you are pregnant–for a couple of different reasons. First off, all the food you eat is also the baby’s food, so you want it to be healthy and nutritious (not doughnut after doughnut). Weight gain beyond that which is healthy during pregnancy can also add stress to your already exhausted back (your spine is in charge of supporting your increasingly round tummy!), increasing your odds of sciatic nerve irritation. Since you do not want your pregnancy pounds to be the weight that broke the camel’s back, think about if inhaling that ice cream every night is really worth the risk of sciatica pain. Trust me on this one: put down the cookie, and don’t find out.

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