Start a New Hobby: Swimming for Sciatica Relief During Pregnancy

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It is as if Dori from Finding Nemo was speaking to pregnant women suffering from sciatica: “Just keep swimming” is her advice in the popular cartoon movie. As an expectant mother, you need to keep going and not give up when you encounter the shooting pain or numbing sensations of sciatica; this discomfort in your lower back and legs is common and temporary, usually ending when you give birth. There are also ways to reduce the symptoms, as Dori’s words of wisdom also address. Relieve sciatic suffering by taking up a new hobby: swimming. That’s right, you could  literally jump into a swimming pool to soothe your sciatic pain. Many expectant mothers successfully use swimming for sciatica relief.

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Reduce Sciatica Flare-ups During a Stressful Pregnancy with Yoga

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Replace your stressed “Ahhh!” during pregnancy with the relaxing meditation hum  of “Ommm.” Especially during pregnancy, your lifestyle can be busy and hectic as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.  Incorporating yoga–whether it be through classes or self-teaching with books or tapes–into your routine may be just the lifestyle change you need to not only relax your sciatic pain but also your life. Remember, stress is also a risk factor for and contributor to sciatic pain. Sciatica and yoga go well together, and combining the two to defeat sciatica pain during pregnancy is a good idea. Let’s look at how you can allow your body and mind to breathe easier with yoga.

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