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Beautiful pregnant woman practicing in the park

Be Active During Pregnancy: An Inactive Lifestyle Increases Sciatica Risk

There are approximately 248 million back pain sufferers in the United States. If you have an inactive lifestyle, you are 3 times more likely to be one of them. To avoid joining the ranks of those who live with back aches and pains, keep your muscles strong with physical activity–especially during pregnancy. The changes in your body during pregnancy demand more from your muscles while an inactive lifestyle can hinder your muscles from rising to the challenge and meeting these needs of your pregnancy. With weaker and stiffer muscles, an inactive pregnancy can cause sciatica to sneak up on you. Inactivity and sciatica, there is a connection.

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Pregnant businesswoman on the office phone

Take Maternity Leave Early: Your Job may be Putting You at Risk for Sciatica

A shocking 80 percent of pregnant women continue working at their jobs up until one month or less before their they give birth, according to a 2003 survey issued by the U.S. CensusĀ  Bureau. That is more than the 35 percent of women who made this career choice in the 1960s. With an increasing number of women staying at their jobs until their due dates, buying work-appropriate maternity clothes and battling morning sickness at the office out of financial necessity or to save their maternity leave for after the baby is born, this prioritization of work before the baby comes seems to be full of wins. But such dedication to your job may not only increase your risk of sciatica during pregnancy but also aggravate your already existing pregnancy-related sciatica symptoms. Work and sciatica pain? The connection exists!

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