The Importance of Water During a Sciatica Pregnancy

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The average woman should be drinking enough water to fill a standard 50 gallon bathtub approximately four times every year, which averages out to 2.2 liters of liquid daily. Used to lubricate your nose  and mouth as well as wash toxins out of your body, H2O is in high demand in the body. Sticking to this 9 cup standard will keep you healthy, your systems running smoothly and effectively. With water accounting for around 60% of your body mass, making it a main chemical component in your body, a lack of water in your system can impair how your body functions and contribute to, instead of ease pain–especially during a sciatica pregnancy. Drink water for sciatica pain relief during pregnancy!

The Importance of Water During Pregnancy

Pregnancy increases your water needs. The recommended amount is upped to 10 cups (13 post-baby if you are breastfeeding) when you are pregnant, as additional fluids are required to stay hydrated and prepare you for breastfeeding. Throwing up from morning sickness can also drain you of that much-needed water. With many women in general not reaching their 9 cup beverage goal, expectant mothers, with their greater bodily demands, run an even greater risk of dehydration, which puts both them and the baby at risk.

Drink Water for Sciatica

But there is another reason to keep that water coming: Water keeps muscles moist and aids joint lubrication. Between bones and the vertebrae of our spine there is cartilage tissue that hold a lot of water; if you keep your musculoskeletal system well-watered, friction will be reduced and your movements will be easier and pain-free.  Dehydrated cartilage will only contribute to your sciatica pain.

Drink up with these tips!


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