How Common is Sciatica During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a time of changes. You are moving your office desk to make space in the baby’s room. Hormones in your body are increasing to prepare you for labor. The support your back normally receives is lessening as ligaments loosen and joints shift. Your center of gravity is shifting forward as your belly grows. You are adding additional weight. You are building a crib and planning a baby shower. Because of all of these bodily and lifestyle changes, many women will experience back pain while pregnant–especially sciatica. So how common is sciatica during pregnancy?

As an expectant mother, you can expect to have a run in with sciatica pain–lower back pain with the addition of pain in the buttocks and leg–during your pregnancy. Most women will experience sciatica pain, especially during their third trimester, while pregnant. But sciatica can strike any any time during a pregnancy–and more likely than not, sciatica will.

How Common is Sciatica During Pregnancy?

It is not unusual for your developing baby to need more space inside your womb to grow. As a result, many babies, at some point in the pregnancy, will push against your sciatic nerve as it gets bigger–or it may change to a position that applies pressure to the sciatic nerve. Because sciatic nerve irritation during pregnancy is caused by the pregnancy itself (the weight or position of your baby), it is common that women encounter sciatica pain.

So, although you may not be looking forward to the sciatica pain that is more than likely headed your way, you can take comfort in knowing that the pain you will feel (or are feeling) is normal. Sciatica pain is also usually temporary. Once your pregnancy is over, so it your sciatica pain!



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