Baby’s Position Affects Sciatica During Pregnancy

“Get out of the way!” is a phrase you may want to scream when your baby’s position in your uterus causes you sciatica pain. Just like we toss and turn at night while sleeping to get comfortable, so does your baby. Your baby is able to move around and reposition itself over the course of your pregnancy, trying out different positions–and the different positions your baby takes have different affects on you. Although you may not be able to always tell the positioning of you baby, several positions are more likely to put pressure on your sciatic nerve and cause you sciatica during pregnancy. Let’s take a look.

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pregnant woman having backache

A Growing Baby: The Reason for Sciatica during Pregnancy

Take a deep breath. Oftentimes, the reason for sciatica during pregnancy is your pregnancy–simple as that. Usually, you didn’t do anything wrong; usually, there is nothing wrong with your baby when these symptoms creep up. During pregnancy, there are two main changes in your body that can temporarily put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica symptoms to occur:

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3d rendered illustration of the sciatic nerve

The Biology Behind a Sciatica Pregnancy: What is the Sciatic Nerve?

A shocking 80% of people will experience back pain during their lifetime. Back pain is especially common in pregnant women, with 50% to 70% of expectant mothers experiencing pain in their backs while pregnant, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

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Help and Resources for Sciatica During Your Pregnancy