Finding a Pregnancy Sciatica Cure

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When it comes to finding a pregnancy sciatica cure, “cure” is a loaded word. Don’t forget that sciatica is a set of symptoms triggered by an underlying condition–pregnancy, in this case. Because pregnancy is not a health problem to be solved, the medical treatments and alternate therapies available for sciatic nerve pain aim to minimize your discomfort from sciatica, not cure it. Luckily, sciatica caused by your pregnancy usually goes away after the baby arrives, so you will not suffer long; with the cause (i.e. the growing baby ) removed, so is the pressure on your sciatic nerve. Hello, baby! Good-bye, sciatica!

 Reducing Symptoms

Treatment options for sciatica offer you temporary ways to reduce your sciatica symptoms. Unable to treat the cause (pregnancy is a normal state that must run its course), sciatica during pregnancy becomes a waiting game, treatments only able to reduce or mask the symptoms until the sciatic storm clouds past–which happens either when you give birth or when your pre-existing medical condition is found and receives treatment of its own.

So, before you fill your body with medication or worry about needing surgery, know that many cases of sciatica that result from pregnancy will not stick around long. Time may not heal all things but, in the case of a sciatica-pregnancy, the cliché applies.

Sciatica: “I’ll Be Back”

If your sciatica during pregnancy was caused by an underlying medical condition, just irritated and brought to your attention by your pregnancy, it is liable to flare up again in the future. What is gone for now may just be lying dormant until another stressor pulls it to the surface. Because sciatica can also be triggered again later down the line by a future pregnancy, a cure is not in the cards.  There is no permanent way to ensure your sciatica is gone for good. But at least there are

treatment options that help make sciatic pain manageable during your pregnancy, no matter the cause.


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