Prenatal Massage for Sciatica to the Rescue!

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Now you have an even better reason to pamper yourself during your  pregnancy and splurge on a massage: its health effects on the musculoskeletal system. Pregnancy may be one of the best times to get that massage you always wanted, as a kneaded lower back does wonders for your muscle and joint tension, consequently helping reduce symptoms of sciatica. So, stop making excuses and schedule an appointment for a prenatal massage for sciatica today!

A pre-natal massage, which simply refers to any hands-on massage during pregnancy, is similar to a regular massage, with a few accommodations to serve the pregnant body’s needs. To make the experience comfortable for women with a protruding belly, a pregnancy massage is used. Bolsters, special pillows, may also be used to support an expectant mother as she lies on her side. Prenatal massages will often be conducted with the woman lying in a side position, as that is the most pregnancy-friendly stance.

The Connection Between Massages and Musculoskeletal Health

By targeting the muscles, nerves, and joints around the areas of your sciatic pain, your prenatal masseuse can loosen you muscles and joints, easing the tension pregnancy places on them. Any tissue soreness can also be rubbed away.  The comfortable setting also promotes a sense of well-being, leading to a drop in stress that may indirectly affect your sciatic pain.

Watch out for the Legs!

Although sciatic nerve pain can radiate down a leg and it is tempting to get it rubbed, the pain relieved, make sure your pregnancy masseuse stays away from your legs during your massage. Because blood flow to the legs stalls in the later stages of pregnancy.

At the same time your blood slows, something else is going on with your blood: there is a rise in anticoagulants, which are designed to stop the blood, to prevent you from hemorrhaging when you give birth. These change are the perfect recipe for blood clots in your calves or inner thigh. To prevent potential blood clots that formed in the leg from dislodging, experts should avoid deep massaging the legs. If the masseuse does pay attention to your legs, make sure they are very soft,  slow stokes up the leg.

Aim for an hour massage once or twice a week in your second and third trimester to reap the full relaxation benefits–both of muscles and mind–of a prenatal massage.


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