Do the Twist! Add the Torso Twist to Your Sciatic Nerve Stretches

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Exercise and pregnancy? Not a very smart combination, you might think. It seems like you should cut out any strenuous activity from your life after your see that positive sign on your pregnancy test, as your baby’s safety ¬†must now be put first and foremost in all you do. ¬†Since exercising is a recipe for disaster, it is the first to go. What if you fall? What if you pull a muscle? What if you hurt the baby? But exercising during pregnancy does not have to be dangerous to you or your baby. Instead it could be used to relieve your pregnancy pain–especially sciatica. By stretching the sciatic nerve while you are sitting down, the torso twist offers you a safe way to get keep that adrenaline pumping and decrease your sciatic nerve pain. Starting an exercise routine with the torso twist as one of your sciatic nerve stretches will help your pregnancy pain stay good and gone!

Sciatic Nerve Stretches: How to Do the Twist

Get your groove on, take a seat, and try out this sciatica pain eliminator today! Here’s how:

Step One: Pick a chair, any chair! (Hint: choose one with a nice cushion for a nice, comfortable experience!)

Step Two: Arrange your sitting position so the back of the chair is on your right.

Step Three: Hold onto the back edges on the chair while breathing deeply and steadily.

Step Four: Twist your torso to the right, to the right! To do so, push on the back of the chair gently.

Step Five: Hold it! How long should you hold the stretch for? 30 seconds should take care of that sciatic pain.

Once you have completed the exercise on your right side, repeat on the left. Before you know it you’ll be a pro and that sciatica pain will be but a memory!


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