Tracking Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy: A Trimester Timeline

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Pregnancy brings many joys: the glowing skin, the beautiful body, the happiness of knowing there is life growing inside you. But you already know all that. You’ve read the books, talked to mothers of twins and quadruplets, or experienced it all before yourself–and they’ve all told you about the benefits of motherhood, beginning with the perks of  pregnancy. What you want to hear about is all the glitches and bumps you will encounter as you travel down the path of pregnancy–especially when you are more likely to experience sciatic pain during pregnancy! Well, get your ears ready, because you are about to hear all about them. Here are all the pains of pregnancy–from morning sickness in the early stages to third trimester sciatic pain.

Tracking Sciatica: A Trimester Timeline

Those mornings hugging the toilet. The sciatic pain in the second and third trimester. How come no one ever warns you about those parts of pregnancy? So, let’s do just that: let’s talk about pregnancy without the sugar-coating.  It is important to understand what pregnancy pains you will encounter and when you are likely to encounter them (especially when that sciatic pain during pregnancy could kick in!), so you can determine what is normal and what might require a trip to your doctor.

First Trimester: Wait for it. 

Oh, the nausea! Will the vomiting ever end? That is how you might feel in your first semester of pregnancy. Is your morning sickness giving your baby fever a good run for its money? Don’t let the nausea and vomiting ruin your spirits: morning sickness is usually only a first semester pregnancy problem.  Beginning in the 6th week of pregnancy and lasting until around the 12th, morning sickness can disrupt your life (and don’t be fooled by its name: morning sickness can strike at any time of the day!). And it will for a good half of pregnant women! But morning sickness is normal: all that nausea and vomiting is just your body’s way of adjusting to the increase of hormones in your body. It is also a good sign, as it indicates that the placenta is developing properly! At this early stage of your pregnancy, everything is new, so just give your body some time to figure it all out and get adjusting to pregnant life. And it will, no worries! So, for now, just stock up on those saltines and ginger ale. Take another look at your sonogram and know it’s all worth it. In no time at all you will be cleaning up baby spit-up! Why not start practicing now?

Second Trimester: The Sciatica Begins!

Congratulations, you made it through the nauseous first trimester! Since you have managed to separate yourself from the toilet (which became your best friend in the first part of your pregnancy), your second trimester of pregnancy may seem like the mastery stage. But with your baby bump getting bigger, new problems may arise: you may find yourself having trouble sleeping with that growing belly; you may not be able to bend down and tie your shoes any longer; you may be making more trips to the bathroom than you are used to; you may start experiencing back pain; you may feel unexpected strong kicks from inside your tummy (for something so small, it sure can kick hard sometimes!). The second trimester is where the lifestyle problems kick into high gear. At times, your big belly can just be an inconvenience! But it just means your baby is healthy and growing. As the baby grows, it may start to push against your bladder (that would be the reason behind your constant trips to the ladies’ room) as well as your sciatic nerve (so that is what that the back pain is all about!)? Not to mention, the extra baby weight makes you front-heavy, so it begins to take a toll on your back at this point in your pregnancy. Oh hello, sciatica!  But soon all these will become routine and under control as well (although, the worst of your sciatica may be just around the corner)!

Third Trimester: The Worst of the Sciatica

By this point in your pregnancy, you have gotten used to all the little inconveniences. But that back pain you started to feel in your second trimester?  You ain’t felt nothing yet! Sciatica is more likely to occur (and get worse) in your third trimester for two reasons. First, the baby is getting bigger so your big belly is straining your back even more, which can lead to sciatic nerve irritation. Second, your baby will be readying itself for birth at this stage, so it is moving further down in your pelvic region right by (you guess it!) your sciatic nerve. So if the baby’s weight does not trigger that sciatic pain, its migration is likely to! But you have already made it through most of your pregnancy! No giving up now! Since you are almost done with those 9 months, the good news is that this last surge of sciatic pain will not last what feels like years–and there are ways to make sciatica pain subside or at least minimize it. So conjure up your last bit of strength and ride out these last few weeks with sciatica! You can endure this last stretch of sciatic pain, no problem!

Although you will encounter different pains throughout your pregnancy, sciatica can pop up at multiple times. If you have a pre-existing condition, your pregnancy can also trigger sciatica sooner than normal. But when you are suffering from sciatica pain, just remember the end goal: in 9 months, you will have your baby in your arms. It all feels worth it now, doesn’t it?



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