Reduce Your Sciatica and Weight with Cardiovascular Exercise

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Get your heart pumping! Try adding cardiovascular exercise to your  workout schedule before and during your pregnancy. Getting that blood flowing can help you manage your weight and therefore your lower back pain.  Because obesity is a big sciatica trigger, getting in shape will relieve some stress on your spine, reducing your chances of experiencing sciatica when your pregnancy pounds further burden those spinal discs of yours (boy is that spine overworked!). The takeaway here? Cardiovascular exercise can help you control your sciatica and weight–two very important, interrelated things to get a handle on when you are pregnant.

How Cardiovascular Exercise Can Help Your Sciatica and Weight

Intimidated just by the word “cardiovascular exercise”? Don’t be. Exercises that fall under this category are less scary than you’d think. If they are safe for pregnant women, how bad could they be?

The trick is to not walk, bike, swim or do any other cardiovascular exercise beyond your limit (which, you should know, will be less when pregnant).  You can also take your pick with these exercises: do them in a gym or outside in the fresh air.

Making A Cardiovascular Exercise Schedule

How long should you do your carddiovascular actviity?

  • Shoot for 20 to 45 minutes

How many times a week should you get that blood pumping?

  • Try for at least 3 and max out at 5

If you can’t quite stick to those recommended exercise amounts, just do what you can. You should not be exhausted or fatigued after doing your cardiovascular workout; if you are, you are pushing yourself too hard anyway. Remember that you do not want to push your body too hard, especially when you have a baby on the way. You should also be training your mind to recognize that even a little bit of exercise (go on that 5 minutes walk during lunch!) is better than none for sciatica and weight control.

Take Care of Your Sciatica and Weight Beyond Exercising

As you may or may not know, exercise alone is not as effective at reducing your sciatica and weight as is combining a healthy workout routine with other small lifestyle changes. Take a look at some of the other adjustments you can make to your life to keep you healthy and pain-free:

  • Make sure you stay hydrated
  • Supplement your workout with a proper diet

Getting into a routine of exercising can even help you stay on top of your weight during your post-pregnant life! What do you know, pregnancy can lead to a baby and a healthy workout habit!


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