Sciatica Pregnancy Pain? Sleep with a Body Pillow

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Sciatica keeping you up at night? Tossing and turning to find a comfortable sleeping position can take all night when you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, and you know how precious that shut eye is when you are pregnant, especially because you won’t be getting much once the baby comes! You can try to find the perfect angle and method of sleeping for you, but it’s important to remedy the situation and remedy it fast! That’s where buying a body pillow comes in. Here me out: although this sleep aid may not entirely vanquish your sciatic nerve pain, it is a quick, efficient solution that should help you keep your eyes closed for the night. Why not try it? Admit it, you’ve always wanted a reason to buy a body pillow anyway. Here’s your chance (don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret)!

Why Does Sciatica Pregnancy Pain Hit When I Sleep?

What causes sciatica again? Pressure, pressure and more pressure. In the case of pregnancy, you usually experience sciatic nerve pain because your baby has grown big enough to push up against the sciatic nerve. When you sleep, you tend to intensify that already existing pressure by sleeping on the side your shouldn’t. As a rule of thumb, if your sciatica is striking on your right more than the left, you don’t want to sleep on the right side–that’ll only make things worse for you!

Sciatica Pregnancy Pain: How Does a Body Pillow Solve This?

A body pillow can help you catch up on sleep! Here’s how:

  • Step One: Get on your side (whichever you prefer)!
  • Step Two: Put your body pillow next to you, and wrap your top leg around it. You can also prop the pillow under your tummy, if it’s big enough that is!
  • Step Three: Adjust those hips of yours until your bottom leg supports the majority of your weight.
  • Step Four: Close those eyes!

If you still wake up in the middle of the night and your sciatica keeps you up, try switching sides. Mixing things up may help keep that sciatic nerve pain away.

Don’t Want to Buy a Body Pillow?

If you’d rather suffer through the restless nights than spend the dough on a body pillow, I may be able to meet your half way: turn a spare head pillow as a stand-in for a more expensive body pillow! Keep your regular pillow under your head, but grab an extra one from your house (or your spouse’s side of the bed!) and put it between your legs, following the above directions.

After giving this a test run for one night, you might find that the scoreboard has reversed. Sciatica: 0. Body pillow: 1.


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