The Working Woman’s Sciatica Stretch

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Are you too tired from just being pregnant to even think about exercising? Sciatica pregnancy stretches  just sound exhausting!Put stretching back on the agenda with the roll-down stretch: you do it sitting down! It’s about time that a stretch takes into account the limitations but needs of a woman’s pregnant body! As you probably know, it’s not always that easy (or safe) to get into complex positions when you are pregnancy–even if you have sciatica as your motivator! But it has finally arrived: a stretch you can do without ever leaving your chair!

Seated Sciatica Pregnancy Stretches: Perfect For the Working Woman

While a seated stretch may sound like it caters to all the lazy pregnant women out there, it can also be useful to pregnant working women. If you are stuck behind a desk all day, this stretch will allow you to relieve your sciatic nerve pain at work without ever getting up! Sure, you may stick out like a sore thumb when performing the stretch (it’s a bit more obvious that you are exercising than if you were just doing a quick shoulder or arm stretch), but your co-workers should understand. Just explain to anyone who gives you a second glance that reducing your sciatica pain will increase your productivity during the working hours! You aren’t lying! The more comfortable you are while working, the more you can concentrate on the work in front of you and not the pain behind you in that lower back!

Sciatica Stretches for Pregnancy: How to Do the Chair Stretch

Sometimes called the roll-down, this seated stretch will have you feeling like a rag doll. But a rag doll who doesn’t have sciatica pain! Find out how this stretch loosens you up by stretching your shoulders and lower back:

  • Step One: Scoot to the edge of your chair. If you have a wheeled chair, make sure the chair it wedged in somewhere or against a wall so you do not roll away with it.  Now wouldn’t that be embarrassing!
  • Step Two: Place your feel flat on the floor. You can spread your knees out a bit to accommodate your growing belly. Do what you have to to make yourself feel comfortable.
  • Step Three: Lean over, lowering your chest to your knees.
  • Step Four: What do you do with your arms? Let them hang! Dangle your arms so that they lie between your legs and sweep the floor.
  • Step Five: Don’t keep your neck stiff. Relax and release it. Let it also hang.
  • Step Six: Roll back up while remembering to maintain your breathing: deep inhales and exhales throughout the exercise

In no time you should feel a nice stretch in your lower back and shoulders. Your sciatica doesn’t stand a chance.

Kick Things Up A Notch: Adding More Steps

If  you are up for a challenge, try adding these steps  on to the roll-down instructions above. Just skip the 6th step and go right to this one:

  • The Optional Sixth Step: After dangling you hands briefly, move your hands so that they are both behind your legs.
  • Step Seven: Grab your right wrist with your left hand, left wrist with your right hand. If you can, try to grab further up the arm to your forearm. For a real challenge, shoot for that elbow! By no means push your limits: only reach as far as you are comfortable. You will still feel and benefit from the stretch no matter what.
  • Step Eight: After holding for a few seconds, return to the arm-dangling position.

Go through these extra steps 3 more times.  Then take charge of your work–whether it is filing papers or going grocery shopping! And if you like this way of exercising, there are other seated sciatica pregnancy stretches out there!


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