A Bad Case of Sciatica? Try Squats!

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If you want an easy sciatica stretch for pregnancy, look no further than squats! Squats are a super successful way to get your sciatica pain under control. Because they can be performed throughout all trimesters of your pregnancy (as long as proper care and attention is taken in the third), squats are practical for the pregnant woman . No more being barred from exercises because of your big belly! Now isn’t that a relief? Since squats has relieved your anxieties about exercising during pregnancy, let’s move on and check out how squats can give your sciatic pain relief.

Sciatica Stretches for Pregnancy: Squatting Steps

Before you can try out this sciatica stretch, you’ll want to find a place where you will be able to hold on to something (just one of the ways squatting and pregnancy is a perfect fit: what an emphasis on support!). A kitchen counter, table, or even some kind of ledge will do just fine. Now on to the fun stuff:

  1. Stand up straight (posture is important!) while facing your table or counter.
  2. Spread your feet out so that they are a little more than shoulder width apart.
  3. Point those toes at a 45 degree or so angle (no worries, you can be a little off!).
  4. Bend those knees so that you lower yourself into a squat position. Your tush should end up near the heels of your feet!
  5. Hold, hold, hold! Well, only for a few seconds. No need to go overboard.
  6. Pull yourself back up. Slowly. Aren’t you glad you glad you have a table to help you stand up? Use it for support and so as not to injure yourself during this stretch.

You did it! You squatted! Did you feel that sciatic nerve stretch? Experiment with how long you hold the position, how far you lower yourself to the ground, and the angle as well as placement of your body, as doing so will help you achieve even greater results when performing this oh-so-simple stretch. It will feel great when you nail it! So long sciatica!


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