What to Expect: Seeing A Chiropractor for Sciatica During Pregnancy

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Considering seeing a chiropractor for sciatica during pregnancy?. Chiropractic treatment is built on the belief that the bones, with specific emphasis on the spine, are the central problems in many diseases and medical conditions, hindering nerve function and consequently causing pain. Fixing the spine by realigning it (i.e. bringing it back to its normal, healthy state and place in the body) will therefore lead to greater overall well-being. In the complicated mess of organs, tissues and muscles we call a body, the spine, according to chiropractors, is the key to all of it.

Since chiropractic care prioritizes the one bone in the body that is most linked to sciatic pain (the spine), visiting a chiropractor for sciatica during pregnancy may help you achieve a sciatica-free pregnancy.

Is it Painful?

A lot of time individuals shy away from trying new methods of treatment for sciatica out of fear that pain awaits them. Although a chiropractor’s work is founded on the belief that bones are misaligned in the body, causing pain, any spinal adjustments they perform should not cause any discomfort. Chiropractic care poses no threat to you, as it is not surgical and is drug-free. What you can anticipate when seeing a chiropractor for sciatica during pregnancy? Leaving with relief from your symptoms of sciatica.

Your Chiropractor Might Perform:

To further ease any lingering doubts, let’s run through the treatment methods you may encounter in a chiropractors’ office:

  • Adjustments (Spinal Manipulation): Focusing on the spine, many chiropractors will perform spinal adjustments, during which the spine is manipulated and realigned. Once your spine is reconfigured, you will experience greater movement of the spine as well as better posture, as the vertebral bodies that make up your spine are returned to where they belong during the procedure. By also reducing how irritable your nerves get, your adjustment will soon prove to  you just how effective it is at handling the spine so that the changes reduce sciatic pain and inflammation.
  • Ultrasound: Cramping, stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms are all symptoms of sciatica–as well as health issues an ultrasound can take care of with its sound wave-generated  heat penetrating into tissues.
  • TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation): Simply put this is a portable machine that stimulates the muscles. An electrical current is controlled to fit the intensity of the pain or spasm it is addressing. Available in a smaller version for the home, this machine is still found, in a larger size, in chiropractors’  offices.
  • Cold therapy: Although this treatment method can be performed outside a chiropractor’s office, you may also encounter it inside one, as it has many benefits for sciatica.

Although this list provides you with a good sense of what to expect during a chiropractor visit, visits can be unpredictable and vary significantly from one another, as your chiropractor may implement a new technique in an upcoming session that he never tried before. Be brave. The sciatica relief will be worth it.



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